Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day on the Farm

This past weekend we had beautiful weather here in Washington. We decided to take advantage of this by making our annual trek to the farm to pick pumpkins, go through the corn maze and take a hay ride. I love the fall and all the seasonal celebrations that go with it. It's so wonderful to start out the day with a warm hot chocolate before heading outside in the crisp fall air for a day of fun.

We had yummy gingerbread waffles with citrus sauce and whipped cream for breakfast.

Nice moustache Isabelle! I guess she liked the hot chocolate! We went to a different farm this year and I think it was the best one yet. They had an entire barn filled with loose hay and hay bales to jump in. In addition to the regular offerings they also had an 18-hole miniature golf course, petting farm and three-story hay bale maze for little ones, complete with a slide into fluffy hay at the end of the maze. We're definitely going back next year - especially since it's just about 10 minutes from our house!
In the pumpkin patch - notice Mt. Baker in the distance. Looking the other direction we could see Mt. Rainier. Even though we see these mountains almost every day, on a clear day like this we really appreciate them even more.
This is the pumpkin Isabelle chose.
Riding in the wheelbarrow is always the best part! For some reason Jason didn't want to give me a ride though. In the Washington State Corn Maze. Fourth graders in our area come to this corn maze every year to learn about Washington state history. You start in Idaho and travel the highways and freeways through the state, stopping at landmarks such as the Peace Arch, the Space Needle and the Grand Coulee Dam. Hmmm, fun and educational! Still in the maze, crossing one of the high bridges.

Oh, we're the farmers scarecrows, we scare away the birds. We keep the farmers corn safe without any words. But when Halloween comes we jump out of the ground. And we scare the boys and girls as they go walking 'round. BOO!!

(Can you guess which part of the song we're doing?) Hay ride!
This little piggy was digging a huge hole with his snout. Isabelle was delighted. Sitting on the giant pumpkin that won the heaviest pumpkin contest (about 1200 lbs.!) Back at home Isabelle helped arrange the pumpkins on the porch.
We had a great day!


Our journey said...

It was such a beautiful weekend. I remember driving on Sunday and Mt. Rainier took my breath away. Looks like a fun day and Isabelle always has such a beautiful smile. It just lights up her face.


Sandy said...

You guys have such fun adventures! The farm looks lovely. I wish I could take Caroline there. Aubrey, by the way, you are quite the gourmet cook, you'll have to send me the recipe for the pumpkin waffle and citrus sauce.

Enjoy your wonderful weather and hugs and kisses.

Frank, Sandy and Caroline - Florida

Michael and Michelle said...

We are also adopting with AGCI. We are just waiting for courts to open so we can pick up our baby.
Very cute pictures! Looks like a really fun time!
I found your blog from list serve:)


Michael and Michelle said...

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!