Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Number on the Referral List!

We got our monthly call from All God's Children today and we moved up the list significantly again. We are now number six! At this point we feel we could get a call any day with a referral. Of course, it could still be a long wait - you never know!
I am exhausted from my first two days of teaching. It's always amazing the difference between 24 five-year-olds in September and six-year-olds in June. Last year I had the easiest groups of kids ever. They were so well behaved I didn't have to use time-out once all year! I knew I was due for a busy class this year. While I can't reveal names of students I will give you the rundown of the monikers I have chosen for them. You can imagine how these titles might apply in the classroom. This years crew includes:

1.) The Rocket/Bumper Car

2.) The Defyer(s)

3.) The Screamer

4.) The Gnawer and, my favorite,

5.) The Strangler

The other nineteen children are doing really well and trying to be good role models. They were already much more settled today than yesterday. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here though!

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The Redman's said...

Congrats on the big number move!!! And oh how I remember those first few months of school with the little ones.... and I started with the 6 year olds and ended with the seven year olds!!! And those "nicknames"-- hilarious-- and yet another reason why my son is in Pre-K for one more year!!! :) Hopefully he'll be the role model next year.