Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is Here!

When it starts to get chilly at night and the leaves have begun to turn, the Brock family heads out to one of our local farms for a day of fun.  Or, as Maddy says, "It's time to be an accidental country girl like Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond." - anyone else have a three-year-old who can quote tag lines from Food Network Shows?  No?  Well, it's pretty amusing.
This year it was a beautiful day to visit Remlinger Farms!

Madeleine was one of the first volunteers at the stage show...

...and she couldn't wait to ride the ponies.  It kind of made her year.

Isabelle was pretty excited too.

Even though there's a squabble every once in a while, I'm really lucky these two get along so well. 

This is Maddy giving me the "only my sister will do for a snuggle" look.

Driving antique cars, 

flying pumpkins,

spinning barrels, 

and floating canoes.

Happy day, 

happy fall!