Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Jolly Good Time

Christmas  may be over but we certainly had a wonderful time this season with all our family and friends.

Madeleine visited Santa Claus (and delivered a letter from her big sister who's still a bit wary of the guy).  I think she was most pleased about the candy cane he gave her.  Maddy and I also spent a wonderful afternoon at my friend Teresa's beautiful Christmas house where Maddy indulged in her first real grown-up tea.  She's still talking about it.  What 3-year-old wouldn't love a house decked out attic to basement in holiday finery?  Not to mention the rope swing hanging from the banister and all those secret rooms!  

After weeks of hanging by a thread Isabelle finally twisted out her first tooth, right as we were trying to rush to ballet.  We did make it on time after a quick rinse. :)

Last week we headed to Eugene for a few days to visit the whole fam.  We had a blast at my Aunt Bonnie's house visiting with cousins...

...and Super Grandma (Great Grandma).

Maddy is always up for a snuggle.

Then it was back to Seattle for Christmas!  My sister Darla hosted us on Christmas Eve where there was much music and merrymaking.  There was also a delicious prime rib dinner.  Pictures were taken but are too gratuitous to post.  I'll just tell you there was a LOT of beef consumed that night.

Uncle Eric even broke out his saxophone.  What a treat!

When the big day finally came it was so nice to wake up in our own house and have the girls run down the stairs in the morning to see what Santa had brought.

Even though Madeleine has been talking about nothing but Jessie from Toy Story for weeks, it was still a shock to see Jessie standing there on Christmas morning.

Isabelle was equally happy with her new Zhu Zhu Pet set up.  Thank goodness Santa came through on this one because Mommy is not a fan!

Even though the season culminates with gifts on Christmas morning, we are most grateful for a year filled with health, happiness, good friends and wonderful family.  We hope your holiday season was as magical and memorable as ours!  

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Season

After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (three little turkeys included), we dove headlong into the Christmas season.

We set up a dazzling light display for the girls - with only one broken bone to show for it! (Jason didn't really use that left hand too much anyway.)

Then we were off to Farmer Brown's for our Christmas tree.  Daddy found the perfect tree within the first 10 minutes of our trip.  However, Mommy just wasn't satisfied until after two more hours of searching.  We ended up with Daddy's tree.

While I should feel bad about the prolonged trip I really don't.  After all, we only do this once a year and Jason didn't seem to mind too much.

After cutting the tree down with one good hand...

...he got a pretty good reward...

...and the girls went home to relax after all their hard work.

Don't you just love a cozy Christmas room?

Not to mention the excitement of little girls when "the fanciness" is put out.

Isabelle and I are very lucky to have season tickets to the ballet this year.  Seeing "Nutcracker" was so much fun!

But, my favorite performance of the season was Isabelle's first grade production of "The Mitten".  Jason and I took the day off so we could visit her at school and see the show.

Pre-show hugs from one of her besties.

If you've ever read the classic tale of "The Mitten" you know how important a role the snowflake cheerleaders play (as in so important they didn't make the final edit).  But, Isabelle asked for the part and was thrilled to wave pompoms and wear a snowflake t-shirt.  What more could you ask for?    

She did a fantastic job!

More good friends celebrating a terrific show!

Look!  Snowflake cheerleaders jump rope too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's November 14!

That means it's this little darling's birthday!  (I almost used the word angel but those who know her well would surely scoff at the thought!)

Spunky little Madeleine turned three-years-old.  Here's how she felt about it in her own words,
 "Yippee ki yi yay!"  

Maddy wanted monkeys at her birthday brunch yesterday.  She definitely got them!

 What 3-year-old doesn't want coffee cake and baked eggs at their party?

Vilia looks suitably impressed with Maddy's big number.

 What did Madeleine want more than anything? (Besides a pony of course.) - Scissors!  And, if Mommy and Daddy are dense enough to buy a 3-year-old scissors for her birthday, they will have to learn to tolerate little bits of paper confetti strewn all over the house.  A small price to pay for the look of sheer delight on her face when she opened them.

Maddy cuddled up in her new sleeping bag pillow pet...

 ...and banged the tune right out of the glockenspiel from her cousins.

My favorite pic. of the day - a look at the party through Madeleine's eyes. 

Today Madeleine took cupcakes to daycare...

...and celebrated at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Can you tell she was thrilled by the sombrero?  P.S.  Her big sister would NEVER want this to happen on her birthday, but Madeleine ate up the attention.

As Madeleine turns three today we can't help but be so thankful that this sassy, happy, expressive, sensitive, brainy, loving, hip-hop dancing sprite is our little girl.  So, even though she tried to send me to time-out for not getting her snack quickly enough this afternoon, we wouldn't change one curly hair on her sweet little head.  We love you Maddy!