Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Season

After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (three little turkeys included), we dove headlong into the Christmas season.

We set up a dazzling light display for the girls - with only one broken bone to show for it! (Jason didn't really use that left hand too much anyway.)

Then we were off to Farmer Brown's for our Christmas tree.  Daddy found the perfect tree within the first 10 minutes of our trip.  However, Mommy just wasn't satisfied until after two more hours of searching.  We ended up with Daddy's tree.

While I should feel bad about the prolonged trip I really don't.  After all, we only do this once a year and Jason didn't seem to mind too much.

After cutting the tree down with one good hand...

...he got a pretty good reward...

...and the girls went home to relax after all their hard work.

Don't you just love a cozy Christmas room?

Not to mention the excitement of little girls when "the fanciness" is put out.

Isabelle and I are very lucky to have season tickets to the ballet this year.  Seeing "Nutcracker" was so much fun!

But, my favorite performance of the season was Isabelle's first grade production of "The Mitten".  Jason and I took the day off so we could visit her at school and see the show.

Pre-show hugs from one of her besties.

If you've ever read the classic tale of "The Mitten" you know how important a role the snowflake cheerleaders play (as in so important they didn't make the final edit).  But, Isabelle asked for the part and was thrilled to wave pompoms and wear a snowflake t-shirt.  What more could you ask for?    

She did a fantastic job!

More good friends celebrating a terrific show!

Look!  Snowflake cheerleaders jump rope too!

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Springs Landing said...

Oh Aubrey, everything looks so lovely. I am so glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Is everyone off school now? We are off until Jan 9th which is so wonderful to have my little girl to myself to spend quality time together. Our Christmas was so hectic, but TG it was wonderful.

Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Loved your card!