Monday, June 30, 2008


Isabelle received a special present from Papa on her birthday - a hand-carved Pinocchio from Italy. While this Pinocchio was met with gasps and warnings of "she'll poke her eye out" from family members, and stopped by security on reentry to the States, Isabelle loves her "Nochie-Noch". And really, doesn't it look cuddly?

Twinkle Toes

Our summer is off to a busy start with soccer, dance and swimming lessons for Isabelle. We also just got a new video camera for our trip to Disneyland so we're having fun practicing with our new toy. Isabelle is loving all her new activities, especially the accessories involved with each. The tap dancing shoes are a hit and the pink sparkle shin guards for soccer are also worn frequently around the house. Here are a couple videos of Isabelle in full dance regalia. Please also notice how some of us need more practice than others with recording.