Monday, November 14, 2011

It's November 14!

That means it's this little darling's birthday!  (I almost used the word angel but those who know her well would surely scoff at the thought!)

Spunky little Madeleine turned three-years-old.  Here's how she felt about it in her own words,
 "Yippee ki yi yay!"  

Maddy wanted monkeys at her birthday brunch yesterday.  She definitely got them!

 What 3-year-old doesn't want coffee cake and baked eggs at their party?

Vilia looks suitably impressed with Maddy's big number.

 What did Madeleine want more than anything? (Besides a pony of course.) - Scissors!  And, if Mommy and Daddy are dense enough to buy a 3-year-old scissors for her birthday, they will have to learn to tolerate little bits of paper confetti strewn all over the house.  A small price to pay for the look of sheer delight on her face when she opened them.

Maddy cuddled up in her new sleeping bag pillow pet...

 ...and banged the tune right out of the glockenspiel from her cousins.

My favorite pic. of the day - a look at the party through Madeleine's eyes. 

Today Madeleine took cupcakes to daycare...

...and celebrated at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Can you tell she was thrilled by the sombrero?  P.S.  Her big sister would NEVER want this to happen on her birthday, but Madeleine ate up the attention.

As Madeleine turns three today we can't help but be so thankful that this sassy, happy, expressive, sensitive, brainy, loving, hip-hop dancing sprite is our little girl.  So, even though she tried to send me to time-out for not getting her snack quickly enough this afternoon, we wouldn't change one curly hair on her sweet little head.  We love you Maddy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


October seemed to fly by so quickly with all our events and what seems to be the annual fall rush.  We've been having so much fun I haven't even had time to upload any pictures!

We decorated...

...and went on field trips.

We had a blast with Isabelle's dance team at the corn maze!  It was dark, it was muddy, and we put total faith in making it through in the hands of children under 10 years old.  It won't surprise you to discover it took us several hours to complete - serves us right!

Madeleine loved it too!  (Of course she did - Jason carried her the entire time except for the bonfire break in the middle with s'mores and hot cider.)

We carved pumpkins...

...and ended the month dressed as royalty for Halloween.

Cousin Vilia came dressed as her favorite thing in the whole world - a sweet little teddy bear!

Baby Shepard was there too, also dressed as a bear - albeit a more confused one.

Trick-or-Treating in our crazily decked-out neighborhood! 

Home at last after a fun night - even Princess Cinderella complained of sore feet!

Shepard chillaxed after his big night.  

The best part of the night - candy sampling!

Fall really is my favorite season - it's time to bring on the pumpkin pie!