Monday, May 28, 2012

Where We've Been

Once again we've been MIA from blogland but that really just means we've been having such a great time enjoying life we haven't had a second to slow down and upload our pics.  (If you're a Facebook friend you've seen a few of these though.)  So, here's what the last couple months have looked like:

There have been dance conventions,

dance competitions...

...and dance awards!

There's also been a lot of dance practice...

...and dance outings (to PNB).

There's been a lot of yard work.   Isabelle and Madeleine even planted a children's garden.

So far they love watering it and haven't realized the bunnies in our neighborhood have eaten every leaf that dared sprout.

There have been school music concerts,

and lots of sister love.

We even made a fun trip to Great Wolf Lodge with the dance team for a weekend!...

...where there may have been a few more awards. :)

We still have another long month of school, Isabelle's birthday, dance auditions and the big dance recital left before summer vacation.  Bring it on!