Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dance Machine

Isabelle is loving being on the competition team at her dance studio this year.  Not only is she learning good dance technique, she's also around great role models all the time.  She is one of the youngest and has a ton of older girls to look up to who are really great, hardworking kids! - not to mention absolutely phenomenal dancers - Isabelle wishes she could be like them! :)

Back in November there was a fantastic sleepover bonding night at the studio with a western theme.  Everyone dressed up in their best cowgirl clothes and had an awesome time.  It was the most spectacular sleepover I've ever seen.  I kind of wished to be six again it was so exciting!

Hair feathers,


saddle rides,

thrill rides,

henna tattoos,


and yummy treats.  Pretty perfect, right?
 (Guess what idea I'm totally stealing the first chance I get?)

The girls are also paired up with an older buddy for the year.  
At the end of this mess of string was their big sister!

Isabelle really got lucky being matched up with A.L.  Can you tell she's in love?

You know how reality shows have a disclaimer at the end saying, "Portions of this program, not affecting the outcome, such as chronology may have been edited"?  Well, same goes for this blog - really not in order of actual events, please don't complain. :)

A few weeks ago was the big dress rehearsal day to get ready for competition season.  It was also time for headshots!  Isabelle didn't complain about sleeping on sponge curlers and I did not glue Isabelle's eyes shut when applying false eyelashes for the first time.  Major cause for celebration! - even if it did take me two hours to get her ready.    

Isabelle and her good buddy, A., ready for their close-ups.

What a sweet group!

Ready for lyrical!

Photo by Brooks Scribner Photography