Saturday, September 27, 2008

"My Mommy Has a Shoe Problem"

Just one of the many tidbits revealed to my friend Erica as she drives Isabelle to preschool everyday. Isabelle is at that charming age when she unsuspectingly embarrasses her parents in her quest for knowledge or conversation starters. She has also shared with Erica that her "daddy is not a prince because he doesn't know how to dance" and that she "falls down a lot when daddy isn't keeping an eye on her." I can only imagine what Erica doesn't tell me about their trips to preschool!
During the presidential debate last night Isabelle was very concerned about "that old man" and why "that pretty lady" (Cindy McCain) liked him. She also thinks it's hilarious to say Barack Obama over and over again. I think I should sign her up to volunteer for the campaign!

"I may be cute but I can be pretty sassy!"

For sharing this week Isabelle was supposed to bring a big or beautiful leaf.
This is her selection.

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