Sunday, September 21, 2008

Snack Day

Today Isabelle got to take snack to preschool for the first time. As one would imagine this is a momentous event in the life of a preschooler. Isabelle carefully selected napkins with fall leaves, requested that we make banana bread (her new favorite food) and asked to bring grapes and apple juice. We were also very careful to incorporate the academic focus of the day (triangles.)

Isabelle dictated and signed this note to Mrs. Facchini.
One of Isabelle's first preschool projects. She painted the Earth and glued on all the stars. Lesson: God Made the World
Isabelle got to pass out the napkins during snack time today. I think that was her favorite part.

Green was the color of the day at school.


Rachel said...

Hi Isabelle,

I liked your movie. I watched it 5 times. If I came and visited you, would you share your banana bread with me?


Our journey said...

Hi Aubrey,
I have been thinking about you guys too. I know that you must be feeling all the excitement and anticipation I am as we are so close to our little girls. May God's plan soon unfold and may we get to meet our girls soon.