Monday, September 8, 2008

Preschool Orientation

We went to Isabelle's preschool orientation tonight, which was exciting and a little amazing that Isabelle is already starting school! We must have done an okay job of prepping her for this new experience because before we left this evening she informed us that she could drive herself and we didn't need to come because she was meeting her friend Delaney there. Isabelle and Laney have known each other since we first brought Isabelle home from Kazakhstan and their birthdays are only one month apart. Since they started going to daycare together a few weeks ago they have become pretty much inseparable. Our daycare provider Kelly told us that the girls were having a hard time playing on the swings today because they didn't want to stop holding hands. I'm glad Isabelle will already have a friend when she starts school next week.

At dinner tonight Isabelle was convinced her feet had grown because she was on her way to preschool.

It took about 30 seconds for Isabelle and Delaney to find each other in their new classroom.

Where one goes, the other goes.

This is where Isabelle will hang her backpack everyday. As you can see she's quite proud.

As soon as the camera starts it's like pulling teeth to get Isabelle to talk and not be too silly, but here are answers to a few questions.

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Rachel said...

Liam watched Isabelle's movie 4 times this morning. Each time it would end, he would point at the picture and the computer. I hope she had a great first day of school. I'm sure she was the best-dressed girl there!