Monday, October 6, 2008

A Very Blustery Day

Saturday was another busy day for the Brock family. Isabelle attended a much anticipated birthday party for her friend Jaelyn, the most important part of which was choosing her outfit. Isabelle jumped out of bed Friday night and declared she must wear "a dress that twirls to the party." After the party we headed straight to soccer practice in the middle of a windstorm. The kids had a great time running around the field but it was so windy that it blew all of the equipment right off the field - it even blew over a couple of three-year-olds! Isabelle was screaming and laughing the whole time. Practice was eventually cancelled, but it was a great twenty minutes!
Great-Grandma sent this dress - Isabelle loves it and wants to wear it everywhere. We really had to talk her out of wearing it to soccer practice.

Isabelle picked out Jay-Jay's gift and helped wrap it.
Off to soccer!

If we have to be outside in the wind and rain at least it's a turf field. We shouldn't get too muddy!
Check out Jason's coat!


Dawn said...

Your daughter is SO cute!!

Rachel said...

Hi Isabelle,

You look very pretty in your dress. I hope I can come and visit soon and play soccer with you!


A Team said...

Your daugther is seriously the cutest thing EVER.

I am so behind the times with all of AGCI stuff. I get the list serve e-mails but RARELY read them... sad I know. I just can't keep up.
WE adopted a little boy from ET and brought him home in Feb.

I did read your last e-mail entry to the list serve about getting your call while at the dentist. THAT STINKS BIGGY TIME!
Tracie :-)