Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby M.

Things are staying busy here at the Brock house. On Saturday we spent the day shopping for special items to send to M. in Ethiopia. We are allowed to fill a gallon-sized bag with goodies and I think we crammed about everything we could into it. On our trip to Babies R' Us Isabelle helped pick out a cozy blanket, some books, a snuggle toy and a rattle to send to her new sister. We also got a photo album for babies that we filled with pictures of the three of us and some of our referral pictures of M. She can slobber all over it and hopefully she'll get to know us a little bit before we bring her home. I don't think I've ever spent so much time choosing books and baby items. If your child is home with you and they aren't as interested in a toy as you might like, you just hand them a different one. Sending toys all the way around the world is a different matter. There are no three strikes you're out! Hopefully these items will amuse her for at least a little while.
After a trip to the notary today we are ready to send off the next round of paperwork to AGCI, along with the package to M. Now there is nothing for us to do but wait, most likely until at least January or February (hopefully not longer!) In the meantime, we get to enjoy these last few months with an only child. We are so proud of Isabelle for being such a great helper to us and being so patient these last few days. She is a great little girl!

These are the items we're sending to M. Yes, they really did fit into a gallon-sized bag! Okay, the lamb didn't, but Isabelle desperately wanted to get it for her sister so we let her. It's already in the crib upstairs. :)
As part of our photo album it was recommended that we include pictures of our pets. This was the most successful of the poses we tried. Can you tell Annie and Emma are less than thrilled to be in this close proximity to one another?
Isabelle's list of what she will teach her sister.


cb4swife said...

Hello...I don't think I have commented here yet...but I have seen you on the list serve...I just wanted to congratulate you on your little baby...God Bless...Shannon

Melissa said...

Precious, just precious!