Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons

After last summer's disastrous group swimming lessons (near drowning!) I decided that Isabelle would have to learn to swim some other way. As I would not consider myself a competent swimmer (the doggy paddle is my crowning achievement in the water) she would not be learning from me and it's hard for Jason to get to the pool. So, I signed her up for private lessons at one of the sports clubs. Isabelle is not afraid of the water but is shy when meeting new people so her friend Laney came with her! I thought this would be a grand plan and Isabelle would be deep-sea diving in no time. Well, you know what happens to the best laid plans. Both girls had moments of glory and moments of despair. I'm sure our instructor was not sad to see us go and is probably dreading the next lesson with these two.

Isabelle started off pretty well, venturing into the water and at least listening to the teacher while Laney took her turn at crying.
Still doing okay although I was manically trying to show Isabelle what a delightful time she should be having.
The five minute span of time where both girls were happy to be in the pool. It was only three feet deep so they could both touch the bottom. Here's Laney enjoying walking on tiptoes and Isabelle holding her breath. Apparently this can't be done without puffing out one's cheeks like a blow fish.
Laney finished great with plenty of smiles while Isabelle finished the lesson off with some hysterical crying that we're still trying to get to the bottom of.
After all this excitement Madeleine was exhausted. :)


The B Family said...

We have our first swimming lesson Sunday afternoon and have no idea what to expect. I hadn't thought to take the camera--but now I'm thinking it just might be a fun blog post (even if it does end in tears). Living in Florida surrounded by pools, lakes and oceans, they're going to have to learn--tears or smiles!
I enjoy your blog!
Thanks for visiting ours!

Becky said...

LOL...this sounds very familiar to me:) My theory...just keep going...year after year...eventually one day they like it!