Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Isabelle doesn't turn four until Monday but we celebrated with all of her friends today with a Fancy Nancy tea party. Isabelle has never asked for a birthday party with friends until this year. She's had fun at so many other parties that she really wanted to have one of her own and since Fancy Nancy and dressing up are her favorite things, that's exactly what she and 12 of her friends did!

So excited! The invite

The weather channel said it was supposed to rain right in the middle of her party today. Thank goodness meteorologists can't really predict the weather because it was sunny and 75 degrees!
Bonjour everybody! Isabelle is 4!

The Get Fancy Room Each of the girls got to choose a purse to decorate. You can find the pattern on Martha Stewart's website here.
After decorating their purses they got to choose a tiara and boa to wear - and clean their sticky hands with wet wipes.
Isabelle decorating her purse with Aunt Darla's help.
The girls working hard.
After crafts they all headed upstairs to Isabelle's room to play for a few minutes. Don't they look sweet?...
That's what you think! Definitely time for a diversion.
Ready to play Pin the Tiara on Fancy Nancy.

Emersyn taking a turn.
I think they did pretty well!
Time for the tea party! Our table of goodies.
Birthday cupcakes
Peanut Butter and Jelly Flowers
Raspberry Hearts
Little Ladybugs
Tiara Sugar Cookies

The girls chose a seat and were ready to be served.

They also had Sparkling Princess Punch with a lavender sugar rim on their glass.

Isabelle carefully selecting her favorite Magic Fairy Wand.
Madeleine had a good time too, but she did sleep through the first half of the party. The girls couldn't wait for her to wake up. I know she was really surprised to find a gaggle of girls surrounding her crib when she finally opened her eyes. I wish I'd had my camera for that moment!
Deep in conversation
After treats it was time for the pinata.

Time for presents!
Happy Birthday to you Isabelle!


The Hull's at #4 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLE!!! It looks like you had a great Fancy Nancy Party!

Kim Hull

nell ann said...

Oh my goodness that is so absolutely precious! I really want a fancy nancy tea party, too. How did you make the lavender sugar for their glasses? Too cute. Do you think my little boy would want a fancy noah party one day? : /

Adrienne said...

That looks like a fantastic birthday...Perfect for little girls..

I know some big girls who would love a party like that too:)))))))

Happy ~Birthday Isabelle


Maria and Family said...

What a cool mama you are ! I love the party :) I may steal a few ideas if you dont mind...Giana has been begging for a tea party with her friends, and i was at a loss. You did a beautiful job! Happy birthday isabelle :) :)

Emma and Luke said...

Aubrey, you are SO creative!! I love the idea of the Fancy Nancy party and your treats were definitely fancy! I'm sure all the girl's had a blast. Happy Birthday to Isabelle!

Eastiopians said...

Great birthday party theme! My favorite part, other than the extremely cute girls, is the lavendar sugar tipped glasses...such a good idea! And very fancy indeed! You are a very posh mom. Bravo!...that is fancy word for good job!


The Bogard Family said...

Gracie and Emma love Fancy Nancy what a cute idea!!! Happy Birthday Isablelle!!! It looks like you had an excellent day. We are so happy for you!

Becky said...

I want a Fancy Nancy party too...what fun!!!