Monday, June 8, 2009

Calling All Botanists

Until yesterday I was going to title this post "Fantastic Flower Update", feeling very proud of myself that my flowers I purchased almost a month ago are still alive. Not only that but some of them even look healthy! However, much to my chagrin we have made a thwarting discovery in our window box.
Earlier this spring Isabelle came home with a little cup containing two mystery seeds she planted at preschool. When pressed her best answer as to what was growing was, "I don't know. Mrs. Facchini said to plant them." Thinking they were probably just little flowers we put them in our window box planter. Now, I'm not sure but I think we may have pumpkins growing in our poor little box. The leaves have gotten bigger and bigger, they're thorny on the bottom and it's spreading like a vine.

Here's a picture, can anyone confirm this? And everything was going so well! Ugghhh!
In other news last Thursday evening we went to the spring play my kindergarten students were putting on. It was "The Little Engine that Could" and they did a fantastic job. After the performance we had a picnic in the field behind our school. Here are a few little friends of mine, along with Isabelle, Madeleine and Jason, enjoying the sunshine. It was so fun to see my class again. I really miss them!


jody said...

it looks like a cucumber vine to me-you could carefully pull it out and plant it somewhere else and see what comes of it! it looks pretty in the window box though :) (for now, of course! haha, wait till it gets giant!)

Jennifer M said...

Yep, looks to me like something from the squash/cucumber family too! The vine itself adds a lovely touch (I love those geranium, and I'm a huge fan of Verbena both upright and trailing), but I imagine the produce won't do much for the stability of the box!

Springs Landing said...

Hi there, According to Farmer Frank (my husband), it doesn't look like a cucumber plant, more like squash or pumpkin. Of course there are many different types and maybe ones that don't grow in Florida. But, he thinks it is squash. Your garden is beautiful and I also love geraniums and verbenas....what are the other lovely ones....Violets?

Springs Landing said...

Hi there, thought I temporarily hijack your blog for another plant/fruit mystery, now that you have all botanist working overtime with your garden question, maybe they can come up with an answer to mine; I had, and I stress HAD, 24 beautiful green apples growing, something that is almost impossible to do in Florida....some critter came and ate all 24 of them in one night. I have a net over the tree and closed it tight around the trunk(almost tight, maybe a few inches to spare) and some animal came in and ate all. Did not distrub any stems or drop many leaves, just took the apples. Could it be a raccoon, snake, lizard or what? Maybe the person that solves your mystery plant can solve my critter issue...then how can I prepare for next year's yield?