Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend down in Eugene, visiting our families and enjoying being outdoors in the sunshine. It's taken me a while to get back to blogland because even though we were gone for a short time, the unpacking (and laundry) stacked up quickly. What's up with that?! Are we dirtier on vacation or is Jason using the sneaky unpacking method of dumping the contents of an entire suitcase into the laundry basket?
It was a weekend of firsts for Madeleine: first long car ride, first time meeting her grandparents and great-grandma, first time in the wading pool, first time eating bananas, rice cereal and pears. She did a great job in the car on the way down and Isabelle helped a lot, handing her toys to keep her occupied. She also did pretty well meeting all the new people who love her so much. Like Isabelle, she needs a little warm-up time to observe her new surroundings and then she is very agreeable to being passed around.

Madeleine with Grandma Janet (Jason's mom)
With Grandpa Wayne (Jason's dad)
Isabelle playing with bubbles at Grandma Janet's house.
With Grandma Barbara (my mom)
With Papa Bob (my dad)
The girls with my mom and grandmother.
Here's Isabelle trying to teach grandma and great-grandma how to play Chutes and Ladders. This was a harder task than she first imagined as a certain someones synapses weren't firing correctly. Study up Mom, you'll be expected to play proficiently the next time we visit. :)
Ahh, a moment of reflective silence.

Isabelle careening around on her tricycle.
Fun with Great-Grandma
Pool time
"I'm not so sure about this Dada."
"Okay, that's enough, let me out now."
Isabelle loved the pool though - especially splashing her Daddy!
Relaxing in a warm towel is way more Madeleine's style. Sunbathing isn't too bad either.
Madeleine being charming.
What a fantastic weekend!
By the way, if you happen to stalk my blog, go ahead and do it openly by officially following my blog. You know I'm stalking your blogs too and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :0)


The Redman's said...

I'm stalking. :) Cute, cute girls you have!!!

Rachel said...

I'm anxious to talk to you and hear all about the weekend fun. You know I'm stalking!

Maria and Family said...

OF COURSE I stalk :) how stinkin cute are your girlies?? How much does your little chunk of love weigh? trying to compare...tatiana is 9 months in a 2 days and 17#s :)

Melissa said...

i am soooo in love with your girls!!! so adorable. and check for stalking...

Mandy said...

Your girls look so sweet. And, I keep admiring the landscaping. What a pretty place to live!