Friday, May 1, 2009

Kazakhstan Friends and Fundraiser

Last Sunday we went to a gathering with a bunch of other families who have adopted children from Kazakhstan. We aren't able to get together too often but when we do it is so much fun to see all the children together.

Isabelle with some of her Kazakh friends.
This was a great event because it was also a fundraiser for the Spoon Foundation, which is raising money to pilot a vitamin and formula program in several baby houses in Kazakhstan.

Click the link below for more information.
There have not been any major longitudinal studies done to monitor the effectiveness of multi-vitamins on children living in orphanages. The Spoon Foundation will be conducting this research during the vitamin program. We were very fortunate that Isabelle received vitamins on a daily basis when she was being cared for in the baby house in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Sadly, this is not the case in many care facilities across Kazakhstan and in other countries. The goal of the Spoon Foundation is to pilot the study in Kazakhstan and then spread the program to other countries. The foundation is close to reaching its goal of raising $150,000.00 to begin their research, needing only $25,000.00 more ($22,000.00 after Sunday's event). They are working in conjunction with the Kazakh government, as well as several sponsors. Our pediatrician, Dr. Davies is also involved in the program and spoke at our gathering about the importance of nutrition, specifically the impact Iron can have on the cognitive, social and motor development of a child. Dr. Davies is the co-director of the Center for Adoption at the University of Washington and is also the editor of where you'll find answers to questions ranging from which formula is the best to how to foster strong attachment and bonding in your child.
If you're so inclined the Spoon Foundation would appreciate your support.
Now for some pictures!
The group
Isn't the Kazakhstan flag pretty?
Of course there were treats involved! We brought Russian Tea Cakes.
While the grown-ups talked baby care, the kiddos played in the gym. This is at the Montlake Community Center in Seattle - Isabelle loved the gym so much she's been asking to go back everyday!
Look at that wind-up!
Playing catch with a new friend.
Even a small slide is a fun slide.

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