Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunny Days

We finally had several days of solid sun here in Washington! We woke up Friday morning to beautiful, clear-blue skies and headed out right away to enjoy the great weather. Our weekend was jam-packed with fun things to do and we had a great time. Alas, it's now Monday evening and the rain is back. I'm hoping for sun again soon.

Isabelle and Madeleine hanging out in my room. Isabelle has decided since Madeleine's mouth is always open when she smiles that hers should be too. First stop on our weekend adventure: picnic in the park with Aunt Darla.

Uncle Eric even came to play for a bit! Isabelle talked about how much fun she had with him all the way home. He looks like a barrel of laughs doesn't he? Just kidding Eric! I'm sure Darla coerced you into taking this picture. :)

Saturday after ballet we had lunch at our new favorite organic restaurant Grilla Bites in the little town of Snohomish. Great salad bar, sandwiches and juice bar - and all-natural!

After lunch we went to one of my student's t-ball games. Madeleine
thought it was great to be outside and T.J., you were an awesome player! We loved seeing you play! Then it was out to Flower World to pick out some new plants for our front yard. We were only getting a few things but this 15-acre nursery is also a fantastic field trip for kiddos. There are tons of fountains, bridges, trails, wildlife, etc. to keep an almost 4-year-old happy.
On Sunday it was time to get those flowers in planter boxes and in the ground. I love seeing pretty flowers around our yard but I will confess I do not have a green thumb. In fact, as I was going up and down the rows at Flower World on Saturday I could feel the plants cowering and begging not to be chosen by me. I'm a set it and forget it type of girl when it comes to caring for vegetation. I like to think I'm helping plants move up the evolutionary chain by choosing not to water them but thus far my flowers have ignored Darwin and have shown no interest in "survival of the fittest".

My flowers, lined up for execution.
Maybe Isabelle will have the magic touch.

I give these flowers a week.
Ah, but behold the miracle of modern technology! Jason installed a mini sprinkler system for my hanging baskets. Now they're on a timer and will be watered twice a day on this drip line. I'm sure there are probably other things flowers enjoy (fertilizer perhaps) but I'd say they need to meet me halfway on this one. At least they won't be thirsty.

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nell ann said...

So much fun! And I loved your comment about the flowers being lined up for execution. We have the same scenario set up here. : )