Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My two sweeties are doing such a great job together as siblings. I thought Isabelle would grow tired of the new squirmy ball of pudge but that's not the case! She is still eager to play, bathe and dress Madeleine everyday and wants to teach her everything. Last night she was intently watching Madeleine's feet, checking to see if they were growing so they could try on shoes together. For Madeleine's part she adores Isabelle. She laughs when Isabelle dances and makes funny faces for her and, in a sign of sister solidarity our usually non-fussy Madeleine cries when she sees Isabelle crying. I'm sure at some point this relationship will dissolve into squabbles over toys and clothes but for right now we sure are enjoying this sisterly bond.

Now that I have two girls I'm finding it extra challenging to get pictures where both are smiling at the same time. I think I need to learn how to use PhotoShop better so I can splice some pics. together!
Take 1: Nice smile Isabelle!
Take 2: Great job Madeleine!

Isabelle hates to be away from her sister for even a moment and languishing outside the tub just wasn't working for her anymore - she just had to jump in!
Isabelle thought it was hilarious to share a bath.


Rachel said...

They're so sweet together!

The Hull's at #4 said...

What precious girls! I love pictures of happy children!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I love your pics!!!! True sisters!!! Hey, when people ask us if our children are all brothers and sisters- we of course say - YES! We look at each other and say- they play, fight, and love like true brothers and sisters...and God has made our family...so they are definitely brothers and sisters! How sweet. I love the song too. Hey, you should talk to my hubby about splicing pics he does it all the time to get good pics with 7 children it is even harder.

Jennifer M said...

Hi- I just found your blog today, and love it! Your girls are so beautiful. We adopted our daughter from Kaz back in 2007, and we are now in process for Ethiopia!

I will definitely be bookmarking your blog!


Mandy said...

It looks like Isabelle is really enjoying her new role as big sister. They are such cuties!