Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let Me Take You Back...

...back to a time when hot pink and neon green clothing were the norm, nay, the stylish. Don't worry ladies, W magazine says that fluorescent colors are making a comeback. Guys, fingers crossed for the resurgence of parachute pants. But, I digress.
A time where mile high bangs and shoulder pads were chic and it didn't matter that blue eye shadow and frosted pink lip gloss may not have been flattering for your skin tone.
What has brought on this bit of nostalgia you ask? Why, a trip to the roller skating rink for a birthday party! Remember the good old days of disco balls and brown boots with orange wheels? Little did I know this magical place still exists! Sure, the music's not the same, but it's still loud. I remember fondly careening (holding onto the wall) around the rink shouting Ghostbusters! (yes, you know I was that cool) and singing along to Material Girl. It was pretty awe...wait for it...some.

This was Isabelle's first time at the Skate Deck so I didn't really expect that she would do a whole lot of rollerskating and indeed, I was correct. The skates were on for approximately five minutes but I managed to take a couple of blurry photos for posterity.

Happily, the Skate Deck has inflatable toys to play on so Isabelle had a great time at her friend Laney's birthday party.

Madeleine of course had other plans. This child will sleep anywhere!

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