Saturday, July 5, 2008

We're On Our Way!

We woke up this morning and Isabelle was excited to pull off the last number on our countdown to Disneyland. We've been busy packing all weekend, and when I say "we" I really mean "me" as Jason finished his packing in roughly ten minutes. I do however feel that it was probably not the most thorough of jobs as Jason stated, "I guess I'll find out what I packed when we get there." I will entertain bets as to which crucial item did not make it into his suitcase.
I have also been working hard on putting loose daily schedules together so we can make sure we make it to all our early entry days, preferred seating shows and character meals. I've also scheduled plenty of time for naps and rest. It's not a very regimented schedule but we do generally know which area of the parks we'll explore on which day. With our handy Disney guidebook I also added notes about where to sit to have the best view of parades and where to escape the crowds during mealtimes. I think we're definitely ready!

Only one day left!

A whole week planned

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