Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Good Helper

Having a three-year-old around is pretty nice. Isabelle folds laundry, sets the table for dinner, washes dishes and makes her own bed. The best part about all this helpfulness is that she loves doing it! I know this won't last long so I'm making the most of it while I can. We picked a ton of strawberries and raspberries the other day (our freezer is now stuffed) - Isabelle even picked beautiful, ripe strawberries as opposed to last year when a lot of green or mushy strawberries made it into the box. Here are some pictures of Isabelle taking care of her chores.

After a 2 1/2 hour grocery shopping trip Isabelle was still in good spirits and had the job of putting all the plastic bags away. She had watched intently at the store during check-out and then devised her own way of hooking one bag onto the cabinet handles to put the other bags in. I thought this was pretty ingenious!
Jason just finished installing a new closet system in Isabelle's room so we could finally transfer her clothes out of the baby room. Isabelle had a great time organizing her shoes.

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