Monday, July 7, 2008

Having a Great Time!

We made it to Disneyland by noon yesterday (ahead of schedule) and immediately had to change our plans a bit because our room wasn't quite ready to take a nap in. Luckily Isabelle slept a little on the plane and was a great trooper at the park until bedtime. We have some great pictures already but I'm afraid the camera Jason borrowed from work needs a docking station in order to upload pictures. I'll just have to post a lot when we get home.
We rode the Disneyland Railroad first and since we all of a sudden had a whole afternoon on our hands we went to ride Winnie-the-Pooh and then on to Fantasyland. I was very nervous as to whether or not Isabelle would even set foot on a ride but she is doing amazing! The lines were so short yesterday we rode Pooh twice in 10 minutes! We also had less than 10 minute waits on all the Fantasyland rides. She even got on Dumbo and flew that thing like crazy!
Last night we had great seats for the Parade of Dreams and Isabelle was jumping up and down she was so excited to see all the characters. It was a really spectacular parade.
This morning we had breakfast with Minnie and a bunch of other characters which was a little overwhelming at first but we did get a great picture with Minnie at the end. While Isabelle did not want to touch the characters she was delighted when they signed her autograph book.

A few stats on our Disney trip so far:

Biggest Fear: The turnstiles at the beginning of each ride. Apparently these are quite daunting for Isabelle but that is easily remedied by picking her up and carrying her over. If this is the biggest challenge of the trip we'll be doing okay.

Number of times on Winnie-the-Pooh in the past 24 hours: 4, yes Isabelle and I rode two more times today while Jason was on Indiana Jones.

Best item we brought with us: The stroller. We debated the pros and cons of having it for weeks as Isabelle hasn't ridden in it for a year. However, it has been a lifesaver, especially when we're trying to get somewhere quickly or we have to walk a long distance.

After Isabelle's nap this afternoon we're heading to Tomorrowland to ride the Finding Nemo ride. Sorry again that I can't post pictures. I probably won't write again until we get home.

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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey! I hope you had a fabulous time celebrating with the princesses! It sounds like you're having the best time. I'm so glad Isabelle is having fun. I hope Jason has also had the privilege of riding Winnie-the-Pooh multiple times as well! Can't wait to hear all about it!