Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Seven

We had another relaxing day on Saturday, sleeping in after watching "Fantasmic" the night before, and having a late breakfast at the La Brea Bakery. After that we explored Downtown Disney and took Isabelle to Build-a-Bear Workshop to create her own stuffed animal. She's done this once before but this was a huge two-story shop and she was much more interested in choosing clothes and dressing her new animal than the first time we went.

"I a big girl!" - her new catch phrase. Incidentally, when we had to measure her to see if she could go on a certain ride this is the pose she used, accompanied by standing on her tiptoes. While this clever strategy never worked Isabelle remained undaunted and was clearly convinced she would fool somebody before the week was out.
This is "Cheetah Polar Bear". From this point on the cheetah went with us everywhere. Isabelle picked out a surfing outfit and accessories for her new friend. Waiting for our table at the Storyteller's Cafe Applying faux sunscreen to her cheetah Sipping Perrier and lounging by the pool

Our last night at Disneyland Isabelle loved Winnie-the-Pooh so much I recorded some of the ride for her. Even after getting knocked on the noggin she still wanted to ride again.

Isabelle chooses her animal

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