Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting Ready for Disneyland

With our trip to Disneyland only three days away we are really starting to put things together. One of the things I've been most concerned about is the number of people and the plan if Isabelle is separated from us. She is very good about holding our hands and staying close but we want to be prepared just in case. So, I made laminated ID bracelets with Isabelle's name, our names and phone numbers and the hotel where we're staying. While she can rattle off this information to us with no problem I think she would clam up if a stranger were to ask. Each bracelet has a different Disney character on it and they'll be tied with pretty ribbons around Isabelle's wrist everyday. She was very excited to help cut them out as cutting is her latest passion!

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Rachel said...

You're such a good mom, Aubrey! Perhaps you can come to MN and help me with our Disney trip planning.