Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween, 2010

We had a beautiful Halloween here in Washington. Clear skies, mild temperatures and plenty of ghouls, goblins and ghosts. I'm going to count this one as Madeleine's first meaningful Halloween. As in, she could walk, say "trick-or-treat" and collect candy with the best of them. Madeleine loves the Disney characters so she went as Minnie Mouse this year. After searching endless costumes online Isabelle finally selected a lovely butterfly costume. Neither of my girls could walk by a mirror without staring at themselves in awe. Maddy went so far as to plaster her lips against the mirror when she saw herself because even she can't resist giving that sweet little face kisses.

A newly walking cousin Vilia joined us for the evening. She went as...well, we're still trying to figure that out. Vilia doesn't like to be pinned down to just one label. She kept things loose by going as a pirate/pumpkin/future gang member with a propensity for saying, "boo!"
Trying to get three children out the door at the same time was the challenge of the night.
We finally had everyone and headed out.

Note to self: While training child for first trick-or-treat outing it is important to tell them they should not hightail it into the homes of the candy giver, as Maddy did at the first house we visited.

Back at home the loot was examined while we drank steaming mugs of hot apple cider. I just love Halloween!

I don't want to accuse Vilia of being a lightweight...but the evidence speaks for itself. At least she didn't mind that we ate her candy. :)

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Springs Landing said...

Your halloween looked great and love the girls costume. Can't wait for your holiday posts! Can you believe it is almost that time of year already?