Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back from Computer Combat with Halloween Preparation Fun

Sometimes computers are just a lot of trouble. You care for them, you buy them things like wonderful new programs, you come to rely on them and then, they turn on you. They get sick and eat through your firewall. They start devouring your financial records and try to gulp down your precious pictures (we rescued them just in time) and then, they do the worst thing of all: they cut you off from the rest of the world by refusing Internet access. It has been a week since the virus hit and today we had to come to terms with reality. The soul of our computer was gone and we needed to move on.

Even though we live in the land of Microsoft we found ourselves taking our first tentative steps into the Apple store. Three hours later we walked out with a new laptop, printer and 2 iPhones. In our defense we had been planning on getting iPhones this weekend because Jason's job is now mandating their use. I do feel guilty as I sit her on my new MacBook Pro, as though the sad eyes of Bill Gates are watching me with disappointment. I will get over it.

In more important news, Halloween is in full swing around here. Madeleine relished cleaning out her first pumpkin and Isabelle thought long and hard about what type of face to give her jack-o-lantern. A fun time was had by all - even when the entire bowl of pumpkin guts and seeds spilled on the floor, eliciting cries of "Oh no! What a mess!" from Maddy.

Maddy had so much fun cleaning the pumpkin out she decided putting the goo back in could be just as much fun! I have some great video but blogger isn't interested in loading it right now. Is there no end to the computer madness?!

Isabelle designed this pumpkin with the crooked smile all be herself.
Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate...