Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So Long Pampers, Hello Risky Business

That's right. We are a diaper free house. For about a month and a half Madeleine has been wearing big girl underwear! Now I'm not saying we are free and clear on potty training but we're doing pretty well. She stays dry all day and we're just working on getting her overnight/sleep trained. We are also very lucky to have a daycare provider who really helped things along when I started back to work.

Madeleine's new favorite thing to do is take her pants on and off. She seriously practices day and night. When I check on her before I go to bed her pants are off and her little legs are freezing cold. I guess she falls asleep before she can get them back on.

Sometimes she attempts the "flamingo fit"...
...later it might be the "sit and pull"...
...but sometimes it's just easier to to go with an entirely new look.

Maddy turns two this weekend so I kind of feel we're ahead of the game but I would love any tips you have on how to keep children dry at night. We put her in pull-ups at bedtime and they're not too wet in the morning, but how do you make the transition? Isabelle potty-trained later (2 1/2) and the day she figured out how to use the toilet she stayed dry all night.

We're pretty proud of our Maddy-Moe in her cute Fancy Nancy undies! And now she doesn't have to deal with that unflattering diaper-booty look!


Jennifer M said...

Wow!! Congrats Maddy! Gav will turn 2 in a month and he is NO WHERE near being potty trained. Not even close. I'm hoping by 4 for this kid. :-)

As for training through the night, I have no advice. We don't push it in our household and just let things progress naturally, and let it be up to the kids.

Lauren said...

I love Maddy's cute little belly!!

I'm with Jennifer for the night time bit. I'm big on me sleeping through the night, so I'd rather have my kid peep in a pull-up than have to get up at night to take them to the potty :)

My kids were all very different with their potty habits. My oldest has a bladder of steel and my second has to go potty all the time. We just kinda go with the flow and figure by the time they leave the house they'll be dry through the night :)

Mama of 5 said...

Night time training...there is really no such thing. Every kid is different and I have found that it can change as they grow for better or worse. :)

Springs Landing said...

Oh Maddy is so cute and looks so proud without her diapers. What a great moment for her. Love her Fancy Nancy undies!

We went cold turkey in our house. We bought this large crib/sheet bed guard in BabiesRUs and after 3 nights, she didn't wet the bed any longer. I did wake her up at 11:00 each night afterwards to get her to go to the bathroom (I know, probably sound like a bad mother), but it did the trick. I agree with everyone else about letting nature do it's thing, but I think my little girl just got used to the pull-ups and wasn't looking to change, so I just pulled the plug. lol Good luck.