Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jackson Hole Happenings

After a very good night's sleep we took a short drive (thank goodness) over Teton Pass to explore Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our first stop was at a kitschy children's park that had a giant maze and an area where you could pan for gems. Isabelle had a great time in the maze, hunting for clues. Alas, we do not have pictures of this fun time because a certain adult in our group (hint: it is not the author of this blog) felt the need to race his daughter through the maze and taking pictures would have slowed him down. Congratulations Jas. You beat a five-year-old.

We do have pictures of our little treasure hunt though...

Off to downtown Jackson Hole where we encountered our first bear!
Isabelle begged to have her picture taken with this prince. How could I not oblige?
Lunchtime! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - That's a whole lot of dead elk, especially when you consider these archways were scattered throughout the city. Does PETA know about this?
In the summertime on Snow King Mountain there is a wonderful miniature golf course with waterfalls, bridges and intriguing obstacles. We played a round while waiting for the big attraction to reopen after a possible storm blew over.
Luckily the sun came out and held off the electrical storm that was brewing in the mountains. Isabelle and Jason headed up the chair lift for a wild ride down the mountain on the alpine slide.

When we got back to the hotel we couldn't keep the girls away from the pool any longer.

Spaghetti dinner at home after a long, exciting day.

All cozy, watching So You Think You Can Dance in bed. What a treat for Isabelle!

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