Monday, July 12, 2010

Grand Teton National Park

The morning after our cowboy adventure we woke early to head over to Grand Teton National Park for a day of hiking. Yes, we really are that brave with our two little ones. Our hotel had printed out a day tour that was just right for us - only about five miles of hiking but we were able to see some beautiful sights. They even recommended a couple of great local places to eat. We had the best breakfast ever at Nora's Fish Creek Inn, even though it took us over an hour to eat. The town of Wilson only has a population of 200 but I'm pretty sure all 200 were eating breakfast the same time we were.

Back over Teton Pass we went, this time stopping at the summit for a great view of Jackson Hole.
After entering the park and driving several miles down an unmarked, dusty, windy road we made it to our first trailhead. Two miles round trip to see Phelps Lake. Madeleine was strapped in and ready to go.
Grand Teton is probably one of the most beautiful national parks I've been to. In comparison to Yellowstone there was hardly anyone there and it was far less commercialized. Look closely below and you'll see Jason, Isabelle and Madeleine making their way up the first mountain.
Isabelle was pretty proud to make it over numerous streams and rivers all by herself.

At the top of the mountain, overlooking Phelps Lake. We could have continued for the next 20 miles around the lake but that would really be pushing it.
Maddy was as conscientious as ever about not over-exerting herself.
After safely making it back to civilization we toured the visitors center and checked out some animal tracks, which came in handy when we got to Yellowstone.
Then it was on to our next destination - a boat ride across Jenny Lake! Maddy wasn't sure what to make of it...
...but Isabelle thought it was fantastic!
On the other side of the lake we hiked a couple more miles until we came to Hidden Falls.
Here we are at the rapids gushing down the mountain about a 1/2 mile from the falls.

We made it!
After riding the boat back to the other side we made one more trek up Signal Mountain and came to this jaw-droppingly beautiful view of the Teton Mountain range and Jackson Lake. The picture really doesn't show how gorgeous it was but it's definitely a must-see if you're near the area.
Of course all that hiking and clean mountain air made us pretty hungry so we stopped at this great wood-fired pizza place on the way out of the park. Isabelle and I shared a delicious appetizer of pita points and assorted tampenades. Yummy!

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