Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cowboys for a Day...

...if cowboys start their day with a dip in the pool.

After several days of seeing the sights we all needed a day to sit back, relax and eat lunch by the pool.

Isabelle couldn't wait to dive in and practice her swimming skills.
Maddy preferred floating leisurely and letting Mommy do all the work.
In the splash zone Isabelle enjoyed giving herself a colonic.
Madeleine got out of the pool early and quickly managed to arrange herself comfortably, put on her shades...
...and partake in her favorite beverage.
After we'd sufficiently recuperated we headed over to the Bar J Chuckwagon, a working cattle ranch for dinner and a show. Isabelle was on the lookout for "real live cowboys" and she hit the jackpot.

Before dinner we had some time to explore the ranch and were able to taste some yummy biscuits straight from the kettle, cooked over the open fire. There was fresh honey too, which we eagerly slathered over our biscuits. All you parents out there have probably already realized that the honey stuck around for the remainder of the evening, finding its way onto clothes and into hair. You know, all the places it should be! Wagon ride!

Another bear sighting - this time Maddy got up close and personal. I believe she's discussing proper chin care in this picture.

Maddy also modeled the latest in coonskin fashion.
Finally it was time to eat. They loaded our tin plates with barbecue beef and chicken, fresh applesauce, a baked potato, baked beans, cornbread and spice cake - just like the real cowboys eat. As you can see, Isabelle didn't waste any time digging into that applesauce.
We were then treated to a cowboy concert...
...which made Madeleine very happy.

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