Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Rewind (yes, I'm really that far behind)

Well, we returned home a few days ago from a wonderful Christmas holiday spent in Eugene with our families. I know, you're thinking, "if she got home several days ago, why the lack of blog posts? Doesn't she have anything better to do?" I do indeed. Fabulous things like unpacking a stuffed van and reorganizing our entire house to fit in the new toys the girls got. (Don't tell Isabelle and Madeleine but this meant "disappearing" many of their old toys.) We also came home to a bare pantry and a refrigerator holding nothing but baking soda, corn starch and a very suspect container of leftover soup from the week before Christmas. Now, with food restocked and a clean house I'm left again to share our week's adventures with anyone still interested in reading.

Christmas really is the happiest time of year! Here's the holiday in review:

Of course we baked cookies!
Here's Aunt Darla offering to help. Oh, wait - she's offering to taste. The little cutie on the left is my niece Vilia - the other cutie is my Mom who actually allowed us to destroy her newly remodeled kitchen with powdered sugar, chopped nuts and pounds of butter. :)
We played games.
Vilia chilled.
We sang Christmas carols with the whole family.
Madeleine watched for Santa.

We spent time with Grandma Barbara and Papa Bob, who is conspicuously absent from this picture even though Madeleine learned how to say a shortened version of his name: "Pop"!
Vilia did some more chilling - this time while wearing evening wear.
We read Christmas stories by the fire.
Santa paid a visit to Isabelle...
...and Madeleine.
He brought Isabelle a dollhouse that folds into a book and the stroller and new dolly she had asked for.
Madeleine loved her new "band in a box" from Mommy and Daddy.
Vilia seemed impressed with her new toy too.
We were also able to visit Jason's parents and enjoy some time with them.
Madeleine thought it was high time she start burning off some of those Christmas calories on Grandma Janet's exercise bike...
...and then promptly took a nap with Grandpa Wayne.
Back at my parent's house Madeleine was eager to help Vilia open some more presents.
The next day the girls tried on some of the new clothes they got. As you can see, Madeleine totally digs her outfit...
...and Isabelle was all about twirling in the new dress she received from Great-Grandma Nancy.
What a wonderful holiday with our families! Only 360 days until Christmas, 2010!

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