Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing in a New Decade!

The girls were ready to party all night New Year's Eve at my friend Erica's house. Isabelle made it to midnight but Madeleine couldn't do more than stay up an hour past her bedtime. We had a great time eating good food (chocolate fondue anyone?) and drinking great drinks.

After our pre-party dance showdown at home it was time to get this party started!
Madeleine: "No time for pictures Mom - we've gotta roll!"
The kids took turns playing Disney "Sing It!" (Karaoke) in the play room. After the crowd cleared Isabelle and her friend Laney took to the dance floor while Robbie sang for them.
When the rest of the boys came in Isabelle was way into watching the car racing.
With an hour until Midnight Erica passed out the New Year's accessories. Just imagine the noise!
Daddy took a break...
...until he was ganged up on.
Getting ready with holiday crackers and champagne.
Isabelle and I shared a cracker and found marbles as our prize.
Happy New Year!!!

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