Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas 101

And now for a step-by-step guide to beautifying one's house and getting organized for Christmas.

Step 1: Take children outside into frigid temperatures to search for the perfect Christmas tree. See girls, isn't this fun?
Tree found!
Step 2: Save husband from scary tree attack.
Step 3: Explain to children that deforestation issues aside, it really is a good idea to cut down a perfectly good tree.

Step 4: Begin decorating the house.

Step 5: After putting out the Santa's Workshop Advent calendar begin practicing saying, "No, it's not time yet" 10 times a day to preschool child asking, "can we open a door?"
Step 6: For the next month protect holiday decorations from the probing fingers of the newbie.
Step 7: Have husband wait until it's dark and icy to begin putting up Christmas lights.
Step 8: Enlist the help of a four-year-old to ensure husband hangs the lights straight.
Have one-year-old double check that lights have been hung properly.

Step 9: Put children in charge of wrapping gifts and...
...remember not to be surprised when this happens.

...and done.
Step 10: Sit down, relax and take time to enjoy the holiday season with the fam.


shauna said...

wow... i fall way below the curve! looks so fun and festive. happy holidays.

The B Family said...

Love it! Smiled all the way through!

And in case I don't get a chance to check back in (busy packing for Ethiopia!), have a very Merry family-of-four Christmas!