Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Polar Express

Isabelle and Madeleine, who were very good little girls this year, were invited by Rudolph to visit Santa Claus at the North Pole! They boarded the Polar Express in Hood River, Oregon and had a lovely time traversing the mountaintops to get to Santa's home. It was just like the story The Polar Express, complete with hot chocolate and cookies, caroling and a visit from the jolly old elf himself. The girls were even given Christmas bells - the first gift of Christmas.

We have a Santa's workshop Advent calendar that, with the help of a little Christmas magic, Santa somehow manages to fill with small little tokens every evening. Sometimes there is a clue about a gift Santa has hidden in our house. The other night the clue led them to Madeleine's closet where they discovered their special invitation.

Santa also left a couple presents to help prepare them for their journey.
Cozy new Christmas pajamas!

Here we are right after we boarded the train!
Madeleine was thrilled! (And a little zany since it was way past her bedtime.)

Isabelle with her Polar Express hot chocolate mug.
Daddy and Madeleine
Oh, happy day when hot chocolate is part of the menu!

On the way to the North Pole we listened to the original story. Madeleine helped hold the book.
The lights of the North Pole! And, as it turns out the North Pole gets more rain than snow! :)
Santa time!

This is the closest Isabelle has come to Santa as she is deathly afraid of the elderly gentleman.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Awwww.....looks like fun, and wow are your girls growing up! How does that happen sooo quickly! Merry Christmas :)

Jenny said...

We went on the Polar Express this year too! It's a lot of fun:) Glad you got to go. Merry Christmas!

Jess & Matt said...

How fun!

Jennifer M said...

Oh wow!!! That looks like so much fun! I wonder if they have one around here. If not- Christmas in the NW next year! ;-)

Springs Landing said...

Ohhhh, looks like so much fun! Have a Merry Christmas in Oregon.


Adrienne said...

That sounds like a fantastic trip to Santa....
Myself, Elena and Alex watched the DVD Polar Express in bed this morning... I had never seen it before..! Hope your trip was not as action packed:)!!!

Best wishes