Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take Me Out to The Ballgame

It was baseball day at the Brock house as we had FREE tickets to see the Everett Aquasox play the Eugene Emeralds this afternoon. While we were conflicted as to whether to root for our old hometown or new hometown we figured we really couldn't lose so when Eugene won we were amongst the few to go home happy.

I always enjoy going to baseball games because there is so much to do besides watch the game. We dispensed with our organic diet for the evening and consumed fake food like radioactive Cheetos and Dibs ice cream snacks. We watched as grown men tried to peddle tricycles around the bases and others did a dance-off for a free Subway sandwich. People went crazy trying to snag bank logo t-shirts as they were thrown into the stands and we watched in disbelief as an adult wrestled a foul ball from a five-year-old boy. Sure - that was a fair fight.

I too came home victorious after correctly answering the 10-second movie clip trivia question and was pleased that my useless knowledge of 1950's film noir came in handy - thanks Mom and Dad for never letting us watch movies made after we were born! The answer was "Sunset Boulevard" by the way and is it sad that I could also tell you the director and star of the movie?
All in all we had a great time at the game and it was a nice way of beginning to bring the summer to an end.

Playing in the bouncy house before the game.
Webbley: the team mascot. He's supposed to be a frog but I think he looks more like a cleaned-up version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Madeleine enjoyed every minute of the game.

Dinner break
Isabelle loved cracking open the roasted peanuts.
In the bottom of the fourth inning Isabelle looked at the field and said, "Hey! What are those guys doing out there?" Clearly she was paying attention to the point of this outing. :)
7th inning stretch. Isabelle sang along to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" - we've been practicing.

Look at my totally awesome prize! I'm giddy with excitement!
And, what could be better than opening your giveaway coupon book and seeing a picture of your sister hocking a trip to the casino? Yep, it happened to us!