Monday, August 3, 2009

M.I.A. and a Little Pampering

I know! I haven't posted for almost two weeks. Shame on me but we have been craaaazy busy around here as you'll see in my catch up posts. But today, it's all about nurturing one's inner peace by enjoying some salon time.
Isabelle was way overdue for a haircut (we're choosing to be on the once a year plan) so we went to Lily's Pampering Salon in Queen Anne for a trim. I'm pleased to say this was the first no-tears haircut for Isabelle. Don't judge me, but an ice cream bribe was involved.

A little chocolate shampoo - can you tell this place is definitely for chic little girls? :)
Straight-faced the entire time.
Madeleine had no problem getting excited. She likes it! She really likes it!
How can you not be ecstatic with braids and glitter in your hair?

We didn't forget the ice cream but......Madeleine just wasn't interested (as if she'd get some anyway).
The next day Isabelle came with me to have her first pedicure. Another delight of being a girl.
Hot pink toenails were the order of the day...
...complete with flowers and jewels.
Our fancy toes
P.S. Is anyone else out there having problems with the clarity of their pictures? Mine are looking pretty funky and I'm pretty sure I haven't changed any settings. Please help!


The B Family said...

What a neat salon! My 5 year old needs her first EVER haircut/trim before kindergarten starts in a few weeks--would love to find something as fun girly as that--had no idea such places existed! Looks like a fun day!

Jennifer M said...

What fun Mom and Daughter times! The hair and the nails look awesome!

And chocolate shampoo? Really? Hmm... I wonder if they make that stuff for big girls too. ;-)

Dawn said...

looks like some fun girl time!! your girls are so cute!