Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stage 2 Baby Food

Before I begin, let me preface this post with the fact that I have an acute fear of my children choking. Isabelle has done this on many occasions, most recently after biting into a plastic spoon and getting the sharp plastic stuck in her mouth. Madeleine occasionally gags on baby formula. Thus far I have not needed to use the Heimlich Maneuver, most likely because my shrieks of panic scare the food out of their throats. However, it is not something I want to test my knowledge at - yes I've taken first aid and CPR classes and even have "how-to" pamphlets posted around my house just in case.
So, this is how, at the age of nine months, I am still hesitant to give Madeleine finger foods. How I envy those mothers who have their babies snacking on delicious table food while my poor little Maddy is stuck eating yogurt and blueberry puree. But, I did recently move her up to eating stage 2 baby food with minuscule chunks of meat and vegetables and am quite pleased at my own progress. :)

I launched a full-scale baby food making operation.

Isabelle helped wash the leeks.
The beginnings of chicken casserole. We also made baby beef stew, chicken and apples, creamed chicken, peas, green beans and brown rice chicken and peach delight.
"Gee Mom, you're the best!...
...but I'm good."
P.S. You'll be happy to know readers that Madeleine was able to enjoy a lovely beef stroganoff the other night because I knew I'd be able to grind it up really well. She loved it and looked at me as though I'd been holding out on the good stuff these last four and a half months. Someday she will forgive me.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Looks like she loves to eat tables as well. mmmm great fiber! He he he.

Springs Landing said...

Boy, how do you find the time? Looks like a lovely collection of healthy food, may she enjoy every bit of it. Maybe you need to find a Julia Child like baby cookbook and make a blog called Aubrey/Andre or something like that and we'll all follow it...of course, later to follow the movie and all the fluff.


Three2Five said...

Your to funny! blowing a whistle should do the trick although it may start a never ending habbit of getting up every night....I don't want to snuggle that bad:) Did you have a cook book for you food?

Our journey said...

I remember those days!

Kristi J said...

too funny..yes, LL ate a full piece of pizza for dinner all by herself...I always give my kids real food early and skip out on the baby stuff :) it is just easier that way...she's too cute, kj