Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mmmm...Cupcakes! (and cookies, oh my!)

Another Saturday, another outing. Even when the weather isn't great, as long as it's not pouring down rain, we like to get outside and do something. After ballet yesterday we headed to Seattle for cupcakes and a day at the park. Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford has the yummiest confections imaginable. Everyday they have different flavors including triple coconut, hummingbird and snickerdoodle. Delicious!
After our sojourn to our little taste of heaven our next stop was Gas Works Park, which used to be the site of the Seattle Gas Light Company's gasification plant. I know, an odd place to take your child for a day of fun and even the Seattle Times says, "Gas Works Park is easily the strangest park in Seattle, and may rank among the strangest in the world." However, it's really fun, especially on a windy day when there are lots of people flying kites on the kite hill. The park is right next to Lake Union so there are also great views of Seattle. In case you're wondering, some of the local events that happen at Gas Works Park include peace concerts, fireworks shows and it also happens to be the starting point for the World Naked Bike Ride. So, if you're going to visit, come for the cupcakes, stay for the naked cycling. Gotta love Seattle! By the way, I could have put a link to the naked bike ride, but it's not too pretty.

We had carrot-walnut, lemon and red-velvet cupcakes.
I think she likes it!
On a sunny day, this scene is really beautiful.
There's the gas plant!
At the top of kite hill.
We were also busy little bakers this weekend. I've been promising Isabelle that we could make sugar cookies for ages so today was the day.

These cookies are off to work with Jason, as Isabelle made them for all of "Daddy's boyfriends." I hope his boyfriends like bunnies, butterflies, hearts and flowers. :)

**A special message from Isabelle: vvvvvvvvvvmlbbbmmgmmgkgk
Translation: "Thank you for reading our blog. I love everyone. That's it."
P.S. You are enjoying the vocal stylings of ABBA because "Mamma Mia" is Isabelle's new favorite song. Apparently they sing and dance to this song all day at daycare. Don't worry, I have a post coming about that soon.


Kristi J said...

Oh, all the goodies look so yummy!! Praying we hear about court this week...let me know if they call you first :) Can't wait to hear...Another girl who got referral the day before I did and is with another agency got her court date announced on Friday and it was May i'm preparing myself for a late court date, kristi

SEG said...

hi- i just ran across your blog, and i noticed something we had in common- not in a good way - the first baby we were pursuing also passed away- this is such a hard thing to process- Jaren died in Oct. How are you doing? if you need to chat, please email me at I know this is a weird thing to grieve when you never knew the child but felt in love with her already. Shadley

tuesdaymom said...

Don't forget Hemp Fest -- another Gas Works tradition! Gosh, we haven't been up there in so long. (Not for Hemp Fest. Just to run around.) I sure hope the sun comes out soon!