Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Day

For those of you blog stalkers out there, (I'm one too, nothing to be ashamed of :)) who know we got a referral on Wednesday, here's the post about it.
Our new wee one is almost three months old and she is precious. I'm sure you all understand that we're being cautiously optimistic at this point but it's hard not to love this little girl already!
I spoke with our caseworker Christy late Wednesday morning and Jason and I immediately told her we would proceed with the referral. Christy over-nighted all the paperwork to us, which we received on Thursday, Thursday night we had our phone consultation with our international pediatrician who gave us two thumbs way up! and then I stayed up late getting all the paperwork done. Luckily, I started mid-winter break today so Jason and I could go to the bank to get everything notarized.
On a side note: Is anyone else out there having their notaries run and hide when they see you coming? Ours doesn't even ask for our I.D.'s anymore she just says, "Oh, I know you" and then proceeds to roll her eyes. Trust me lady, paperwork isn't really our cup of tea either.
After the bank it was straight to FedEx to overnight everything to AGCI. However, it won't get there until Tuesday morning because of the holiday. Aaagghhh!! President's Day!! How can FedEx give us "the world on time" and still take holidays?!
I did email and call Christy to tell her we are definitely moving forward with the referral so we can start waiting for court.

You all know we can't post full pictures but here is a little glimpse. Don't you just love a nice, big gummy smile?

We are still very much missing the baby we lost but having this new little face to look at is really helping. Now we just have to make it through this interminable wait and keep hoping and praying that things will turn out for us this time around.


cb4swife said...

Congratulations...I'll be praying that everything moves very quickly this time for you...I'm gonna keep stalking your blog if you don't mind :) Shannon

Kristi J said...

yeah!! so excited for you guys...We ups'd our paper work and they said it would get there on monday morning at 10 am..but Julie is out on monday, so it probably won't make a difference that it is there anyways :) So happy you have something exciting like a new face to look at to help ease the pain...Hoping we get to travel together...kristi

Rachel said...

What great news! Can't wait to see you next weekend and hear all about it.

Emma and Luke said...

I'm so excited for you and this little girl will be so lucky to call you mommy! Hoping everything moves quickly for all four of you... can't wait until I can see a real picture, the smile is priceless! :) Congratulations!

Maria and Family said...

What a sweet lil gummy smile :) I am so happy GOD had another babe ready for you quickly. I hope it helps to heal the pain of losing your other baby girl. I cant imagine how hard this has been for you guys. Praying for a speedy process for ya!!! ((HUGS))

Dawn said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you all. Congratulations on your referral!

nell ann said...

Hiya! I'm not sure how I've missed your blog, but congrats on your referral! I love her little smile!! Too cute.