Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Visit

This weekend my dear friend Rachel and her darling little boy Liam visited from Minnesota. We sure do wish they lived closer but we had a great weekend visiting and catching up. Isabelle was delighted to have a friend to play with and they looked so cute chasing each other around and getting to know each other. Even though we had a wonderful time Liam and Rachel had to put up with my severe case of laryngitis and double ear infection. By the end of the weekend I had also developed some sort of stomach virus (probably from the ear infection medication) that had me up all night on Sunday being sick (I know, TMI). I hope they'll want to come back! I'm usually a much better host.

Off for a walk at the Woodland Park Zoo. Isabelle relished being the "big girl" this weekend and helping with Liam.
The zoo in Seattle has a great historic carousel that has been restored. We always have to take a ride when we're there.

After a day at the zoo these two had the luxury of taking a nice nap in the car on the way home. No such luck for the Mommies, who took a drive around the lake so Isabelle and Liam could sleep longer.
Isabelle and Liam played house
and watched Sesame Street.
How much does Isabelle love Rachel?
Nap time story for two.
Isabelle and Liam - friends forever!

Playing peek-a-boo at the zoo.

On a side note, I usually do not miss work - even if I'm sick. This illness however has had me down for the count! I woke up last Thursday with no voice but intrepidly ventured to school, thinking that surely it would come back when facing 23 kindergartners. That was not the case and I spent the day whispering and sounding awfully funny. Luckily, my class was very well behaved and did their best to listen quietly. When I woke up Friday and my voice still hadn't returned I knew I better stay home. There is a reason teachers hate to miss work. Inevitably something unexpected or worrisome happens on the one day you're not there. Friday, it was a fire drill. I had a lengthy note from the guest teacher describing how my students ran screaming to the door with their hands over their ears in a panic (FYI #1 - that is not what we practiced; FYI #2 - that wouldn't have happened had I been there). When I was still sick Monday and Tuesday I thought there was no way that anything else could go wrong. Yeah, right. At 9:18 this morning my phone rang, waking me from my groggy stupor. It was our friendly secretary calling with an inquiry. Keep in mind that at 9:18 in the morning the students have been in the classroom for approximately four minutes. Here's how the conversation went:
Secretary: "Hi Aubrey, this is Cindy. Kert (that's the principal) just went down to your classroom to check on your sub. He said the kids were running around screaming (AGAIN?!!) about a wild animal being in the room. It's not in a cage or anything but we've got it. Do you know which of your students might have brought a large hamster to school today in their backpack?"
Me: "Are you serious?! Actually Cindy, there are about 10 kids in my class who I could see bringing a hamster to school. I'd start the interrogations."
I love my students but this is a group you really have to keep a lid on or they can be out of control in two seconds flat. The moral of the story? Teachers must not get sick!
I will be dragging myself to work tomorrow whether I can hear, speak or keep food down. Hopefully order will be restored. :)


Emma and Luke said...

Oh no!! I LOVE the hamster story... that one can't be beat! :) I had a 3rd grader do that one time, but she had stolen it from daycare on her way to school - nice! I hope you're feeling better! I'm sure the kids will be thrilled to see you tomorrow!

Erin said...

LOL I hope you are feeling better soon. Isn't it nice to be needed?