Thursday, March 5, 2009

Congratulations Marie! and Mamma Mia Debut

I am so excited for my friend Marie! Marie teaches second grade at my school and she and her husband were just matched with a birth mother for a domestic adoption. Just a few days later the baby was born and now Marie and Erik are getting to know their sweet baby, Aiden. I am so happy for them! Isn't their little boy darling?! Congratulations you guys!

And now, as promised, the world premiere video of Isabelle singing Mamma Mia. I'm not sure where she picked up these dance moves, but they're pretty atrocious. I promise she's not watching MTV! Make sure you check out her big finish at the end.

Now I have to offset the mini-teen drama queen shown above with a couple videos of Isabelle behaving like a normal 3-year-old.

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Eastiopians said...

Your friends have such a cute baby! Congrats to them! And that video of your daughter is SO cute! Eva, my almost 3 yr old, was just singing and dancing that that very same movie last night. These kids come up with the best dance moves! :)