Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tough Break

It's happened. The first (and hopefully only) broken bone. And it happened to the little one. Poor Madeleine fell at daycare right before I picked her up the other day. She was a little teary when I got there but seemed to be fine. It wasn't until I took her out of her car seat when we got home that something seemed to be wrong. She wouldn't lift her left arm and screamed when I picked her up. A trip to the walk-in clinic confirmed a broken clavicle. Yikes! I thought I was probably overreacting and that she probably just had a bruise. Boy am I glad I took her in. Madeleine was delightful despite her pain. She carried on a lovely conversation with the nurse, was happy to oblige when asked to put on her costume (radiation apron) and even said, "Cheese!" and smiled for the x-ray camera.

Maddy has been quite pleased with her broken bone. She loves to carry around the picture and show it to anyone who might be interested - even the cat ("See Annie, this is my broken clavicle. Do you see?") After the first day she hasn't had any pain medication. Unfortunately, despite the broken bone Maddy hasn't slowed down much.

The sling is just for show (a weak attempt at slowing her down, but mostly to warn others to be careful around her). Her clavicle is broken in two though and we need to be careful for at least six weeks.
Day One - Codeine Coma
So, there will be no games of princess chase...
...galloping Daddy...
...or pony rides. Just weeks of reminding a two-year-old that when she gets knocked down, she really shouldn't get up again.

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Springs Landing said...

Can't believe I ran across this blog now, as you are all enjoying Disney and little Maddies clavicle is probably all healed...anyway, I hope she is all well now and ready to enjoy all the rides. Enjoy your vacation and tell the little princesses to enjoy themselves.

Love, Sandy and Princess Caroline