Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame?...

...not so much. Did you know 44 of the last 48 days in Seattle it has rained (or snowed)? Since I'm about halfway through building my ark in the backyard, I'm pretty aware of this fact. This dreary statistic has affected my gardening plans but, more importantly, the rain has totally drowned Isabelle's first t-ball season.

Here are her stats:
Time on team - almost two months
# of practices held - 3 (2 in the rain)
# of practices cancelled - 3
# of games played - 0
# of games cancelled - 1
Pictures taken - Yes! (but under tents in the rain)

I was ready with my camera on our lone clear day. Isabelle is an official "Frog".

They look good, don't they? Don't let this shot fool you into thinking they've got it together. Practice is really a comedy of errors. Knowing what first base is is a major accomplishment, let alone finding it on the first try when it's time to run!

Go team!


shauna said...

yes. sadly i do know the rain statistic. ugh. super cute photos... I can't wait until Maeve can play t-ball too.

Rachel said...

It snowed here this week. I think I might take the rain.

Erica said...

LOVE the pics! Those shoes she is wearing look very familiar... Maybe she should try some ice skates, yes?