Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Concert

Last week we had a lovely time attending Isabelle's kindergarten spring concert. Isabelle's teacher had an international themed evening as so many children in her class experience more than one culture at home. Awesome! Because stats make sense to me, (and because sometimes it's the quickest way to blog), here's the rundown:

45 minutes to get both girls picture ready and fabulous
30 minutes to drive to the performing arts center at the high school
1 hour spent waiting in the rain to get the best seats for the performance (come on, I know we're not the only crazies out there who do this!)
6 songs sung by Isabelle's class
12 minutes of glorious onstage time for Isabelle
2 proud and beaming parents
1 adoring little sister

Madeleine was engrossed in the program.

Can you feel the love?
Isabelle with friends...
...and with her wonderful kindergarten teacher.
It wouldn't be an event without a treat afterwards!


Kim said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

The B Family said...

Nothing like those end-of-year programs to swell a mama's heart! Such fun memories! Seems Isabelle was just a babe when I started following your blog and now. . . off to FIRST GRADE? Life happens too fast! Precious pictures and cute performance clip!

P.S. Seeing your sweet girls' faces everytime I get an Adoptive Families newsletter makes me smile. Just so neat!