Friday, November 6, 2009

She's Got Skills

Madeleine has been working hard at learning to pull herself up, stand and take a few steps while holding Mommy's hand but it should be no surprise to anyone that the thing she is really adept at is eating. She has mastered the art of feeding herself with both hands, ensuring that if one hand is stuffing food in the other is busy picking up the next bite. She can sign "more" (we'll all admit a very important skill indeed) and enjoys being very independent while drinking from a cup. She doesn't seem to mind at all if she ends up with a soggy shirt. Of course she does let us know the warm bathtub is where she'd like to be straight after dinner.

Here she is in action (please ignore Isabelle's hacking cough in the background - we believe the piggy flu paid a visit to our house last week.)


Springs Landing said...
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Springs Landing said...

She is totally adorable and her big birthday is coming up??? Sending all our love,

Frank, Sandy and Caroline