Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Madeleine!

Today Madeleine turned one year old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! We had a low-key birthday at home with just the four of us. Here's a look at our day!

Mommy and Madeleine on her special day.
Serious sisters.
Silly sisters.

Time to party!

"For me?"

Madeleine had all afternoon to open her presents. What did she get? Her favorite thing - books of course!

Her favorite gift was "The Button Book" that Isabelle picked out.
Isabelle loved the decorations...
...and so did Madeleine.
After making Madeleine's favorite dinner of French Vegetable soup (Isabelle's favorite too - she said she loves it so much that she's going to marry it) and freshly baked bread it was time for Madeleine to try her first bite of cake.
"Mommy, what has happened to me?! This just doesn't seem right."
"Maybe Daddy wants some cake."
Now, in true blog fashion it's time for "the list". I've never made one before because I find it simply impossible to limit myself to just a few things I love about my children but today I will make an attempt. It's going to be hard to narrow down but we've come up with the top 12 things we love about our sweet Madeleine (one item for every month of the year):

1. I love how you play bootie with me - Isabelle (This game involves Isabelle dumping protective shoe booties used for home tours onto Madeleine's head, causing both girls to dissolve into giggles and snorts of laughter.)

2. We love how you play hide-and-seek, waiting for us to hide and then crawling as fast as you can to find us before tagging us on the head with a big smile on your face.

3. We love the crunched up face you make to show how silly you think we are.

4. We love how every morning when we come into your room you smile, clap your hands and give us a standing ovation simply for saying good morning.

5. We love your big, still-toothless smile and dimples in your cheeks.

6. We love how you've learned how to give wet, slobbery kisses (with tongue) and wave to your adoring fans.

7. I love how you crawl towards me and climb on me to say "hi". - Isabelle

8. We love how you're so mischievous and, knowing full well that you're not supposed to put things in your mouth, will slyly try to place an item in your gnashers while giving us your "I know I'm a stinker" smile.

9. We love how you love water and will splash and kick your legs in the tub, soaking yourself and everything else within a five foot radius.

10. We love how you love books and will sit patiently on Isabelle's bed listening to stories way beyond your comprehension level at bedtime.

11. We love how when you really want something you will put your head down and crawl at breakneck speed, huffing and puffing (never mind that it's usually a no-no item like the fire or Mommy's wine bottles that you desire).

12. We love how you babble so well, complete with hand motions for emphasis, that it sounds as though you're carrying on a discourse regarding the state of the world's affairs.

and #13. (let's go ahead and make it a full baker's dozen)

We love how you complete our family. At night when you're snuggled close and I'm rocking you to sleep I look down at your little face just inches from my own. Your big brown eyes look up at me while you listen intently to my whispered endearments and I feel as though my heart is so full of love for you that it might just burst. You are the perfect addition to our family and there isn't a list in the world that could truly show how wonderful you are.

Happy Birthday Madeleine!

Opening presents

There isn't a more fun playmate than Isabelle.

Happy Birthday!



Kristi J said...

OH, how cute...she's adorable!! I can't believe our girls are ONE day apart!! I wish we lived closer so they could be bff's :)OH, and I love the BIG pic of your girls on the AGCI website...too cute!!! Happy Birthday Madeleine!!! kj

Springs Landing said...

Happy Birthday Madeleine. You have brighten the lives of your family and your friends. Keep your beautiful smile.


Frank, Sandy and Caroline