Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Diversions

Thank you so much to everyone for all the wonderful comments, emails and phone calls. I really have the best friends! We feel so supported by everyone and really appreciate all the prayers and kind words. We haven't heard anything new and are still hoping and praying that there is a court miracle on Friday (Thursday night for us).

Thankfully we had plenty of things planned to keep us busy this weekend and did end up having a fun time. My favorite band, O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) was in town and I've been trying to see them forever! (You are currently enjoying their musical stylings, along with their opening act, Eric Hutchinson.) They played at the Paramount in Seattle, which is a really beautiful old theater and great concert venue. We also went out to The Melting Pot for dinner and had yummy fondue. Thanks for babysitting Darla!

Mmmmm......Chocolate Fondue

My list of the Top Five Most Amusing Happenings at a Concert in Seattle:
1.) The tone deaf girl behind you who unfortunately knows every word to every song.
2.) The guy who is in his own dance party zone and is oblivious to everyone around him.
3.) The smell of pot wafting off the guy in his own dance party zone. Don't worry Mom, I'm sure it was medicinal.
4.) When the band plays coy as if they're not coming back for an encore. C'mon guys you haven't even done the obligatory cover song yet!
5.) And finally, the old guy complaining about having to stand for three hours. Oh wait, that was Jason. Don't worry Jas, next time we'll bring a walker for you!
The other exciting thing that happened this weekend was that we got to meet several other families from the Seattle area who are also adopting from Ethiopia. It was really fun to meet them in person. Thanks again Amber for putting this together!

Luckily all of us bloggers had our cameras! There were a few husbands there too but somehow they all ended up on camera duty.


Brian and Autumn said...

Hey Aubrey,
I am so sorry about the paperwork problems. My heart just breaks for you and Shannon. I know it isn't much but I would love to try and scout out your baby for you and report back. E-mail me. autumn underscore gossett at yahoo dot com

Kristi J said...

The paperwork thing stinks...I pray that get it all figured out soon....Love all the great pics...Looks like you guys had fun, kristi